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Team Leadership System Case Study

Published on: Apr 16, 2012 | Tags: General, Team Work, Team Leadership, Empowerment, Productivity, Goals, Management, Trimergent

Team PlayerManagers face growing challenges in the new workplace. Many seek out knowledge and skills that position them to lead effectively by participating in professional development opportunities. Unfortunately, many of the practices they learn do not solve the problems when they return to their team, but in some instances seem to perpetuate them. With growing frustration, the manager and employees attempt the same solutions repeatedly and the problems do not subside. That was Cathleen’s experience as she led her call center team.

 Cathleen sought training because of conflict and productivity challenges in her team. Team members were not mutually supportive and struggled to work together. Beyond the negative work environment, individual and team goals were suffering. This in spite of the fact that she had taken several management courses that taught skills which were not working in practice. Cathleen said, “During previous management courses I learned to resolve issues and conflicts as they came. In many situations, this meant to fix the upcoming issues on my own. Team members were not held accountable for their actions.”

 When Cathleen met with the J. Clint Anderson Company, she indicated she had tried everything she learned to address the situation, and nothing was working.

 J. Clint Anderson, Ph.D. provided coaching based on the Trimergent Leadership® System Leading Teams process, including training in conflict resolution. Her team members also participated in our Being a Team Player course. This approach to team leadership and teamwork does not rely on the 100-year-old practices of scientific management, and is not a revision of its principles base on updated language. The Trimergent Leadership® System has been developed from the ground up over the last decade. It is based on the latest research and understanding of organizations. As a result, it transforms the way people work together.

 The coaching included a method of providing feedback that ensures accountability for both a team member’s impact on others and goal achievement. Team members began to take ownership of the solutions that ultimately made a difference in the team. Cathleen was also coached through an evaluation of the goal setting process and made significant changes to her approach. The new approach to setting goals resulted in team member participation that also created ownership.

Cathleen shared, “With the new approach Team members have the opportunity to set their own personal monthly goal. This works perfectly for all members participating in the goal setting. In the past, I gave all Team members their goal during a one on one session. With this new approach, Team members are individually responsible for the overall Team goal. This can be seen as a great success for the entire Call Center”

 Cathleen’s new skills and practices, combined with team members’ understanding how to be a team player, made a real difference by the time the coaching process ended. In her last meeting with the coach, Cathleen indicated the entire work environment had improved and the team met its shared goal.  Beyond that Cathleen stated, “In February 2012 the Team has met their highest collections goal since the existence of the Call center.” After two years, the skills and practices Cathleen established continue to support a positive team environment and high productivity.

Leading Self: A Case Study

Published on: Mar 12, 2012 | Tags: General, Personality, Trimergent, Self Leadership, Productivity, Mission, Vision, Communication

Many professionals struggle with a lack of clarity and direction in their career. This has a direct impact on life direction as well. We share a common desire to experience purpose, passion, and reward for our work. One young professional found herself in just such a position.

She works for a large healthcare organization in Central Texas that represents many professional opportunities yet, as with most large organizations, can be challenging to navigate in terms of career path. As she sought clarity on the direction of her life and career, she decided to participate in the Trimergent Leadership® System Leading Self course. She said, “I wasn’t really sure what I was going to do career-wise.”


Her participation resulted in a personal mission and vision that were supported by her core values. She also developed a clear understanding of her personality as well as her passions. These, plus the identification of her strengths and weaknesses, positioned her to be true to self.  

“It is definitely a challenge,” she said, “It’s one of those things where you have to be willing to take an honest look at yourself, who you are. It’s extremely powerful. It was extremely eye opening and freeing.” The focus she gained through the Leading Self experience allowed her to know both who she is and who she is not.

The next step was to apply her experience on a day-to-day basis. She developed this ability as she practiced improved communication skills, life management and life balance. “Throughout Leading Self, I learned a lot about timing, being patient and really learning to voice who you are and being okay with that,” she reflected.

Once the course was completed, she possessed clarity and direction. “I was offered a couple of jobs during that time that were just a little outside my most suitable place to work,” she said, “They were things that, over time, would have really drained me. I don’t think that I would have had the awareness to recognize that without Leading Self. I actually turned those offers down.”

In the current economic climate, turning down good job offers is a very bold move. This surprised the people interviewing her and led to another meeting.

“They called me in and said ‘Those were nice offers, why did you turn them down?’” she recounted with a smile. “I was able to be open and honest and tell them why and additionally what I would enjoy doing, and they found a position to meet me where I was. It was pretty incredible that I got to have a hand in finding something I would really enjoy. That all came out of Leading Self.” In addition, she received a significant salary increase.

She credits discovering who she is designed to be to the Leading Self experience. “I’m able to be more of the person I desire to be in more areas of my life,” she said.

 Trimergent Leadership® System Leading Self is available for groups in a 5 day or 10 day format. Individuals can experience it in an 8 session coaching format.


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